'Old Time' Collection

Lovely Old time Range of interior plaster ornaments. These Victorian style ornaments from the Old Time range are perfect for any home setting traditional or modern and would certainly make a wonderful gift for your friends and loved ones! These plaster ornaments  will look great on any fireplace or shelf and consequently be a beautiful feature and talking point for guests.

Stonecast plaster is heavier and stronger than traditional plaster of paris and as a result will not chip or flake like so. As a result it has the strength and feel of stone.

This new ‘OLD TIME’ range is unique to Villa Creations. Furthermore,  all the black ornaments have been hand cast and handpainted using a special non shine pure flat black paint. Most noteworthy, it is non reflective and non shiny but casts a wonderful shadow.  Consequently it has a carbon appearance.

All indoor castings have a felt base to protect furniture.
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