Ancient Wisdom Simmering Granules


Make the best of aromatherapy with these Ancient Wisdom Christmas Simmering Granules. Oil burners in stock and lots of other home decor gift ideas. Shop now!


Ancient Wisdom Simmering Granules

Make the best of aromatherapy with these Ancient Wisdom Simmering Granules. Christmas fragrances available. make your home smell wonderful this season. There are seven lovely christmas fragrances to choose from.

Ancient Wisdom Simmering Granules are the best around.

They are placed in the oil burner reservoir and require no water.

Can also be used to generally fragrance any room.

They are normally used in oil burners, but are less messy as they don’t need oil or water.

Just put a spoonful of granules in the burner and replace them when they’re used up.

Chase away cigarette odour by placing a few granules in ashtrays; freshen bathrooms and closets with a little bowl of granules, use them like potpourri.

Colours may slightly vary.


Min weight 200g. Comes in a plastic packet. Pictures in bowls are for photo purpose to show colour choice,


place one or more teaspoons of granules in the well of your oil burner. Do not add water – light candle to create a delightful aroma. Do not ingest.


  • never leave a burning candle unattended
  • keep out of reach of children and pets
  • please remove all packaging before burning
  • extinguish candles with a snuffer, do not blow them out
  • place the candle holder on a level heat resistant surface or mat, out of any draughts and away from any flammable furnishings
  • keep the wick trimmed to 1cm maximum to avoid excessive smoking
  • if the flame becomes enlarged, do not continue burning
  • the candle holder may become hot during use. allow to cool before touching. do not attempt to move or touch when candles are lit

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Pine, Myrrh, Hollyberry & Mistletoe, Gold, Frankincense, Christmas Pudding, Cinnamon & Orange


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