Decopatch Paperpatch Varnish Glue


Decopatch Paperpatch Varnish Glue. 70ml or 180ml. The versatile varnish can be used as an adhesive on the bottom layer and a varnish on top too! Many more craft supplies in stock! Buy today!


Decopatch Paperpatch Varnish Glue

Create a fantastic finish for every mache design with Decopatch Paperpatch Varnish Glue! This varnish deepens colours and adds a vividness that is bound to impress.

Make ornaments and decoupage items that shine. The versatile varnish can be used as an adhesive on the bottom layer and a varnish on top too! Simply brush the varnish across your chosen surface, stick down your Decopatch papers, napkins or ricepapers and then brush over it.

The water-based mixture means that it’s safe for children, so you can get the whole family involved. Make a day of your deco-creations!

Decopatch is a perfect glue and varnish for using on jute bags. It works great on textiles, leaves a lovely gloss finish and most importantly is waterproof. This glue  and varnish is so easy to use you will not be disappointed!

Decopatch has a non stick finish once dry with a gloss finish. It can be used as an adhesive and a varnish. Decopatch is a white glue that becomes transparent after drying. This can be laid over any kind of material: glass, wood, plastics, polystyrene, metal, terracotta, iron, fabrics…..Fast drying: 10 mins. Waterbased so easy clean up ith soap and water. Store at room temperature.


70ml or 180ml

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70g, 180g


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