Fairy Windows Garden Ornaments


Fairy windows garden ornament perfect for any garden setting big or small. Lovely present for a loved one! Buy yours here now!

L9 cm x W 7cm x D 0.8cm    L6cm x W5cm x D 0.8cm

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Fairy Windows Garden Ornaments

Lovely set of four stone fairy garden window ornaments. First of all, these fairy windows garden ornaments are hand cast from white cement in my garden studio. These bronze effect stone fairy window ornaments would look great in any garden sitting nestled in the flower beds or in their own set aside fairy garden.

These unique coloured bronze effect fairy windows are for all you fairy lovers out there that do not want a brightly coloured fairy garden but still love to see the fairies at the bottom of your garden! You will certainly see them enjoying being nestled in the glorious natural surroundings. As a result of the bronze colouring the sun gleems brightly from these. They look beautiful!

They are handpainted in lovely high quality outdoor acrylic paint. Outdoor paint is thinner and penetrates the stone so elimates cracking and chipping. Outdoor acrylic paint is more colourfast and is less resistant to fading. Most noteworthy some fading will occur over time with weathering.

Furthermore, these stone  fairy window ornaments are frostproof. Finally, these stone windows are finished in outdoor varnish for added protection and shine.  However, it is advisable as with any garden ornament to take in during very cold weather. All stone fairy windows have  a hook for attaching to a shed, fence or tree.


H9 cm x W 7cm x D 0.8cm approx.

H6cm x W5cm x D 0.8cm approx

Additional fairy garden items available in this colour range


Items will be shipped within 3 working days

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I opened my business in 2019 and became a member of the Professional Crafters Guild in February 2020. I am a disabled artist and I work from my garden studio in Braintree, Essex. This has all been set up at a good working height as I have very limited usage and reach in both of my arms. I find crafting very good physiotherapy as well as being great for mental wellbeing.

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Dimensions 22 × 15 × 2 cm


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