Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish


Highly durable, fast drying, fast 16 hour curing, crystal clear protection. An ultra hard, high quality, fast drying varnish with a satin finish that dries to a crystal clear film for interior surfaces requiring a high level of protection such as working surfaces and areas of high wear.


Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish

Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish

Application and Advice


  • All surfaces must be clean and free from dust, dirt, oil and contamination before using Polyvine heavy duty wood varnish.
  • Remove oils/resins from oily hardwoods and resinous softwoods.
  • Sand to a smooth finish and remove all dust.


  • Ensure the Polyvine wood varnish is well mixed but do not shake.
  • Use a good quality synthetic varnish brush and apply evenly using light brush strokes.
  • Apply the first coat and allow to dry.
  • To prime porous surfaces dilute with 10% water.
  • Apply one or two further coats.


Always apply Polyvine wood varnish to a test area before starting work. Appearance may vary according to the colour and type of wood and the number of varnish coats. Do not apply Polyvine heavy duty wood varnish over uncured oil based paint. When using dead flat finish, for a high level of protection and stain resistance apply 2 coats of satin then 1 coat of dead flat.


Protect from extremes of temperature during storage and application.

Health, Safety and the Environment

  • Non-hazardous. Ensure good ventilation.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Contact with eyes – wash immediately with warm water.
  • Remove excess from tools and mixing vessels before washing in warm soapy water.
  • Do not empty into drains or watercourses.


Available in 100ml or 500ml

Finishes For Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish

Polyvine heavy duty wood varnish



polyvine heavy duty wood varnish cures in 16 hours

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